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1. Contract and Payment
Bookings can be made in writing, by telephone or online (Internet). The contract is deemed to have been bindingly concluded when the booking confirmation is sent by Fewotessin. The terms of payment are set out in the booking confirmation. If payment is not received by the agreed date, Fewotessin may rent the property to another party without further notice and without liability for damages to the tenant. By completing the booking, the tenant accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Contract.
2. Additional Costs
The additional costs (such as electricity, gas, heating, etc.) are included in the price unless they are expressly stated in the contract. The inclusive price includes the obligatory additional costs (final cleaning, laundry, visitor's tax, booking fee). The laundry and visitor's tax depend on the number of persons. Optional extras such as pets, baby cribs, high chairs etc. are not included in the price. These are listed separately in the booking confirmation. Prices are subject to change due to changes in government taxes.
3. Handing over of rental property; Complaints
The tenant will keep the property in clean condition, compliant with the contract. If, upon the handing over of the property, there is a breakage or the inventory is incomplete, the tenant must inform the key holder or landlord/landlady within 48 hours. Otherwise, it is assumed that the property was handed to the tenant in perfect condition. After this period, no mitigation / compensation claims can be asserted. If the tenant assume the object later or he does not assume it, the total rental amount is payable.
4. Careful Usage
The tenant is compelled to use the rental property with due care, to maintain the order of the house and to apply consideration to neighbours and any other inhabitant of the house. In case of any damage the key holder or landlord/lady is to be immediately informed. The number of persons living in the property must not exceed that stipulated in the contract. Subletting is not allowed.The main tenant is responsible for other persons living in the property complying with the terms of the contract. If the tenant or tenants are in flagrant violation against the agreed contractual terms of careful use, or the property is being lived in by more than the stipulated number of persons, the key holder or landlord/lady can instantly terminate the contract without being obliged to pay compensation.
5. Liability of the tenant
The rental property is expected to be returned on time with the complete inventory and in tidy condition. The tenant is liable for all damage and missing objects. The tenant is liable to pay compensation for any damage or missing inventory. In the event of any damage, etc., the landlord / key holder must be informed immediately. Damage discovered afterwards can be credited to the tenant. The use of swimming pools or other facilities and equipment of the holiday properties by the tenants or their children is the tenant's sole risk. The tenant exempts Fewotessin and the owner of the holiday property from all claims that should occur due to accidents in the rental property or its surroundings. The use of the holiday property is expressly at the tenant's own risk.
6. Contract Annulment

The tenant can withdraw from the contract under the following conditions: until 61 days before arrival date: CHF 180.- cancellation fee, from  60 to 41  days 30% of the total rental amount (incl.additional costs)  and 40 to 0 days before arrival 100% of the total rental amount (incl.additional costs). For bookings of at least 9 months in advance the following conditions apply: up to 91 days CHF 180.-  cancellation fee,  from 90 to 41 days 50% of the total rental amount (incl.additional costs), from 40 days 100% of the total rental amount (incl.additional costs). In case of change of a concluded booking contract we will charge a reservation a fee of CHF 50.00.
Replacement tenant: The tenant has the right to suggest a replacement tenant. This must be acceptable and solvent for the landlord/lady. They replacement tenant then enters into the same contractual agreements. The tenant and replacement tenant are jointly responsible for the rent payment.The reference date is the date of receipt of notification (by writing) by fewtoessin. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be apply the next business day. In case of departure before end of rental the total rental amount is payable.

7. Events outside the sphere of influence
Fewotessin assumes no liability for events that are beyond their control. (e.g. environmental catastrophe, natural disasters, strikes, political unrest, sale of the property, power outages, lack of water supply, closed access roads, noise from construction work, etc.). In the event of such events, the tenant has no right to a reduction in the rent, termination of the contract or compensation.
8. Liability
The landlord/lady is expected to provide the stipulated reservation and to complete his or her end of the contract. In all cases but bodily harm the liability is limited to twice the rent, except in cases of gross negligence or intent. Liability is excluded for negligence on the side of the tenant or cohabitants, unforeseeable or unpreventable failures of third parties, acts of god or events that were unforeseeable or unavoidable by the landlord/lady, key holder, brokers or other persons on the side of the landlord/lady. If, for unforeseeable or unavoidable reasons, the rental e.g. sale/return of the property or its continuation is prevented, the landlord is entitled (but not obliged) to offer the tenant an equivalent replacement property, excluding claims for compensation. If the service cannot be provided or cannot be provided in full, the amount paid or the corresponding portion will be reimbursed to the exclusion of further claims.

9. Use of WIFI in the property
The access to the Internet may not be disclosed to third parties. The landlord has the right to block certain sites. The renter has to bear the costs of using fee-based services. In addition, he must pay for all costs incurred by the illegal use of WLANs. It is forbidden to the tenants to use, make available or to or distribute illegal content. Furthermore, the tenant may not use WLAN for sending spam and is asked to comply with the applicable youth protection regulations. The landlord is released from any damages caused by a third party due to the unlawful use of WLANs.
10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Swiss Law is applicable. Exclusive Jurisdiction is agreed as 6600 Locarno-City.
11. Travel Insurance: We recommend you acquire travel insurance appropriate to your needs.