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Where would you want to spend the most beautiful time of the year ...

... where the sun shines? Where you can swim, walk, bike, shop, dance or spend your evenings with good food and a glass of Merlot? Then, rent a holiday flat, house or a country cottage for the most beautiful time of the year. They are situated in the Swiss Canton of Tessin, near Lake Maggiore, in and around Ascona, Brissago, Locarno, Muralto, Orselina, Brione, Verscio or in the municipality of Gambarogno in San Nazzaro, Casenzano and Caviano. Tessin, with its southern charm, its breathtaking scenery and Mediterranean climate, has Lake Maggiore and is good for a relaxing break or a trip full of new experiences: live in stylish flats with indoor swimming pools, quality apartments, generous holiday houses with a pool or traditional cottages in the country. You can get all these with fewotessin. We are the fewotessin team, and we worry about everything for you so that you can have as pleasant, problem free and reasonably priced holiday as possible.

Would you like to spend the winter in Ticino? Here you will find a selection of holiday rentals bookable from one month to special rates. Contact us - we will make you an interesting offer.

New holiday residences for you! We have selected very special holiday homes and apartments for you, which we will present you here.